In Earth Excavating & Contracting, Inc. provides a full range of septic system services.  Our experienced staff can provide guidance on all septic issues ranging from D-box and baffle repairs and pump replacements to  installation of full septic systems.  We work with NJ licensed Engineering firms with the design and permitting processes. 

In Earth Excavating & Contracting, Inc. provides septic system services.  Our staff has extensive knowledge of septic systems installation and design and we are able to identify the difference between a failing septic system or an isolated issue which can be repaired.  Not all septic issues result in a new system installation.  Some septic issues are a direct result of breaks caused from from tree roots growing into the lines and/or d-boxes, failing baffles, or poorly constructed components, etc.   Septic repairs provided include but are not limited to:  d-box repair, baffle repair and pump replacement.  Thorough investigations are preformed prior to any work being performed in order to identify the cause and all work is done in compliance with local codes.