The State of New Jersey requires property owners to be responsible for their individual underground (UST) tanks. The life span of an underground storage tank can range from 20- 70 years dependent upon different variables, i.e., tank material, age, installation, technique and location in which the tank was installed. Tanks of inferior material can rust and leak into the ground.

Some tanks installed after the 1970s may have a shorter life-span due to the quality of the material used during that era.

New Jersey regulations govern acceptable ways in which to handle underground storage tanks, dependent upon whether or not the tank is leaking. Permits are required for all tank closures/ abandonments and all underground storage tank removal procedures.

Tank removal can entail: removing all product from the tank, cutting a hole of adequate size to permit cleaning and inspection of the tank by local officials so they can determine if a spill has occurred, removal of the tank from the excavated area, filling the excavation with New Jersey approved fill material, and removal of the tank from the property.

In Earth Excavating & Contracting, Inc. is fully licensed and OHSA certified and can also assist with in-place tank closure or abandonment if the tank material is not compromised, and does not display signs of leakage.

In Earth Excavating & Contracting has years of experience and has performed thousands of tank removals.  We assist our customers with navigating through the process and help evaluate your options and path forward.